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Be religious about home facial massage.

When it comes to skincare, doing something wrong is even worse than doing nothing. Hands are an ok and traditional way to massage your skin, but there's a reason facial tools are in vogue.

As the skin matures, dead cells accumulate on the surface of our skin, and the ability to regenerate the surface cells slows down. As a result, the natural complexion of human skin is hidden and the complexion becomes dull.

Eventually, your friends will ask you again the annoying question, "Why do you look so tired today?"

Everyone believes in the effectiveness of a proper facial massage.

A facial massage 'with the right tool and method' has amazing effects of improving blood circulation and flow, and can also relieve emotional stress and comforts one's mind, helping to achieve more lasting and fundamental skin health improvement.

Proper facial massage removes old dead skin cells and stimulates collagen production to restore the skin's natural tone and improve skin elasticity.

Plus, if you use a more advanced massage device with added micro-vibration, iontophoresis, and MTS function, you can deliver active ingredients deep into the skin more effectively and feel even more outstanding improvements.

If you are ready to create your own home beauty ritual, to enjoy a more pronounced effect when you doing your own facial at home, just remember these five tips from Authentique!

1. Use proper facial massage tools.

When it comes to skincare, doing something wrong is even worse than doing nothing.

Hands are an ok and traditional way to massage your skin, but there's a reason facial tools are in vogue.

Use a device specifically designed for the purpose and rejuvenate your skin with circulation exercises.

2. Pay extra attention to the eye area.

The skin around the eyes is extremely thin and delicate. Fluid can build up under the eyes and cause swelling easily, so always pay attention to the area and watch out for eye bags.

Applying too many nutrients or creams is also not suitable for the skin around the eyes. Use hypoallergenic formula and safe tools specifically designed for sensitive skins.

3. Massage the entire area of ​​concern, such as the neck, and the chin line.

A good facial massage doesn't end with the face. It must target the trouble spots precisely and effectively.

Focus on the jawline, neck, and clavicle, and manage it broadly downwards, but always gently sweep up in the opposite direction of sagging skin. (ex. from the chin to the temple, from the tip of the lip to the temple)

4. Self-check on your unique facial expression-made wrinkles and give concentrated treatment to them.

Gravity and skin expression habits are the two main culprits for skin wrinkles.

Each person has their own unique facial expression and habits and therefore it is necessary to carefully observe your own skin condition and habits, and focus on the wrinkled areas.

5. Do it consistently, and make it a special ritual for every day.

Even though moisturizing and nourishing your skin with massage will immediately give your skin a healthier glow,

only consistent treatment will help your skin regenerate more effectively over time and achieve fundamental improvement in anti-aging.

Want to take your skincare game to the next level?

Upgrade your skincare solution right now with Authentique.

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