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Hand-free skincare era: still apply the cream by hand?

At the end of the day, when applying cream, are you still scooping and rubbing the cream with your hand and fingertips? Scientists and beauty experts are emphasizing hand-free skincare solutions and beauty routines.

The feeling of one's hands gliding across the surface of moistened skin is maybe one of the most calming and comforting feelings that anyone can relate to.

However, in an age of cleanliness and safety, our hands are not only our closest companions but also becomes our most fatal enemies indeed.

Why you need hand-free skincare solution

  1. Most important, yet obvious: Touching your face can transfer bacteria, oils, and allergens to your skin, therefore causing a rash or infection.

  2. As you apply the cream and moisturizer, your hands share the precious cream with your face. Even if you don't want to, some of your creams are wasted through the palms and fingers.

  3. For delicate and thin skin areas(such as around the eyes), rubbing creams with your hands can rather darken and swell the skin, causing shadows and wrinkles under the eyes.

  4. If you rub your skin too hard, it irritates the skin and creates an inflammatory response that can cause troubling conditions like rosacea and cystic acne, as well as premature aging of the skin.

  5. To make your skin absorb the active ingredients as deep as possible and as much as possible into the skin, there are more effective methods than the hands. Use your precious time and energy more efficiently.

Before it's too late, perform your skincare routine without touching your face. You need a spatula and an applicator to do the job for you more effectively.

More and more smart beauty tools are introduced into the market and some of them even come with advanced functions like micro-vibration massage, iontophoresis, MTS, etc.

​For example, check out the complete hand-free total wrinkle care solution, 'Authentique Wrinkle Repair Lifting Eye cream, and Galvanic Rejuvenator'. The plant stem cell culture-based cream tube is combined with the patented applicator with micro-vibration + iontophoresis 2 in 1 massage effects.

Although you can't change entire skincare routines to 100% hand-free, a better solution should be introduced quickly, starting with the most delicate and thin skin around the eyes.

Hand-free skincare is the foreseeable future. Join the club as fast as you can. There will be a clear difference.


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