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Wrinkle Repair Lifting Eye Cream 2ea + Galvanic Rejuvenator 1ea

Wrinkle Repair Lifting Eye Cream 2ea + Galvanic Rejuvenator 1ea


“High-efficiency, cost-effective home esthetic solution for you”


☑ Patented applicator with Iontophoresis + Micro-vibration effects delivers active ingredients deep into the skin
☑ Based on plant stem cell cultures extract and the most prestigious active ingredients including Botox peptide, Prebiotics, White truffle, and more.
☑ Advanced prescription from Intercos group, No.1 global luxury cosmetics manufacturer certified in Good Manufacturing Practices and ISO22716.
☑ Dermatologically tested, delicately improves wrinkles and elasticity without skin irritation.
☑ Functional cosmetics for wrinkle improvement certified by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

  • No matter how expensive and effective the formula is if it only stays on the skin surface, one’s skin will never improve dramatically. For more effective wrinkle improvement and long-lasting moist and firm skin, active ingredients need to penetrate deep into the dermis layer.

    • Micro-current Iontophoresis
      Iontophoresis technology increases the absorption rate and deeply penetrates active ingredients into the dermis layer by ionizing cosmetics with microcurrents.
    • Touch Automation Galvanic System
      Enjoy it anytime, anywhere with a touch galvanic system that works by itself simply by holding the metal part of the device and gently massaging your skin.
    • 12,000/min Micro vibration
      12,000/min of micro-vibration tightens muscles and promotes collagen production to reduce fine lines and improve skin elasticity.
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